Blog Entry – First Impressions on QuickMail.io


I first came across QuickMail while doing more research for agency-based versions of cold email marketing software.

I was very intent on having a tool that was much more suited for agencies than the previous post I have written on Klenty.

I found a QuickMail blog article that covered their their agency features, and I was intrigued. I immediately started an agency trial. I started off with simply three accounts.

Agency Dashboard

I was able to set up the agency dashboard in about six minutes. It was effortless. It was very intuitive and it was a light year in front of the competition that I had looked at the week earlier.

After setting up the agency dashboard, I started creating campaigns. My main intention here was finding out if these campaigns could be shareable from one client to another.

Campaigns Sharable Across Clients

To my great delight, I found out that it was very easy to create a campaign in Client A’s account and copy that across to Client B and Client C.

Not all platforms will allow you to do this, but I was pleasantly surprised that I could do it here in QuickMail.


One of the most innovative features that I really enjoy about quick mail is their Auto-Warmer feature. This allows you to take a brand new emailing domain and give it credibility.

QuickMail’s proprietary program that they’ve put together does all the work for you. All you do to get started it enroll the emailing address into their Auto-Warmer program.

They work the magic in the background that keeps you from landing in spam boxes.

Most of my clients will start out with a new emailing domain as part of their package with me, and this tool is going to be amazing in helping warm up those domains and get great results.

User Interface

QuickMail has a much more pleasing interface — a lot more colors. It does take a little bit to understand where some of the features and menus are. So that does take a little getting used to, but otherwise it is fantastic.

Buckets, Schedules, and Time Tables

Another feature that I found amazingly beneficial is this idea of buckets and schedules and timetables.

They literally have a feature called a bucket which is this kind of holding tank that drips out only so many leads in a given day. This is a really nice feature that keeps you from looking like a massive spamer

Another feature that I really enjoy is the idea of what is called a timetable. Even though your bucket has a group of 100 hundred leads to process in a day, the timetable will allow you to schedule the times of day to send those emails.

This as another way of throttling emails, and you can actually portion out different periods during the day, as small as 15 minute increments.

I enjoy QuickMail so much that I’m going to begin migrating my agency to this well-designed tool.