QuickMail’s Auto-Warmer Feature Boosts Your Domain’s Reputation


Today, we’re going to talk about the Auto-Warmer feature inside of QuickMail.

I want you to refer to the screen capture that you’ll find a little further down the page.

As background, let me explain that we are using a brand new emailing domain that I created for one of my clients on March 9.

The big question here is how reliable is this mailing domain?

When an email server sees an incoming message it’s of course going to look through and try to figure out just how reputable this domain is as part of trying to figure out if this is a spam message.

So whenever you have a brand new mailing domain, you wanna do something called warm it up, right?

So this Auto-Warmer feature from QuickMail is rather fantastic at doing this.

To give this new domain some much-needed credibility, I head in the auto warmer feature and defined a maximum of seven emails per day that I want sent from quick mail’s Auto-Warming system

QuickMail has a, a really good methodology in place by which they send these Auto-Warmer messages to an internal QuickMail account where they determine if a given test message landed in the spam folder or landed in the inbox.

It’s a really neat little tool.

So if you look at the March 10, you will see that this is the first day that we were enrolled in the Auto-Warmer sequence. The system sent out one email and you can see the bar there it’s gray, which means that the message landed in an “other” folder.

We know this test message didn’t land in the inbox — it may have landed in the Gmail Promotions tab which is not a place we want our email us to be.

Now, look on the next day, March 11th. You see that there were three emails sent out and this bar is entirely green.

This means that these test emails landed in an inbox.

This domain is a whopping two days old, and we’re already starting to develop some positive reputation for it, which is just dynamite.

Now, again, look on March 12, the auto warmer feature is gonna ramp it up a notch by sending out another two emails. We have a total five which are all green.

Notice that on the 13th, the only time that one of our Auto-Warmer messages landed in the spam folder.

That happened on the 13th when the system sent out a total of seven Auto-Warmer emails on our behalf.

You can see that the Auto-Warmer feature ramped up its volume from the 10th through the 13th. It started by sending just at one test message and then increased the volume at two messages per day.

What’s kind of nice about this is that the only spam message that we see is on the 14th.

The system is routinely sending out seven test messages a day.

You can see a lot of green which is really good.

Now I’m gonna refer you down to the second diagram.

This is taken elsewhere inside of QuickMail.

You can see a little blue flame that has a 100 by it.

This is the delivery score of a hundred percent which is based on the last 10 days of Auto-Warmer spam results.

Referring back up to that top diagram, you can see from the 25th back to the 15th — a 10-day window — there is no red in whatsoever.

This is what gives our new emailing domain a great reputation.

QuickMail’s Auto-Warmer tool is a fantastic feature that I really enjoy using.