My First Impressions on Klenty


Using cold email service for your business can be a very powerful addition to making your numbers and increasing the number of deals that come through your sales funnel.

I did a trial with Klenty after I learned that they had an agency version that could help me run my business.

User Interface

The individual version of Klenty was not the best user experience. The user interface was not as colorful as what I was used to seeing through, say,


After I got over the user experience, I saw the tool for what it was. It’s actually not a bad tool for sending out cold email.

Email Throttling

I found their email throttling feature to be a fantastic addition compared to other cold emailing platforms.

With cadence throttling you can take a campaign and dial down the number of people that actually go through it in a given day.

I find that this is a fantastic tool to reduce the amount of times your email domain gets flagged as delivering spam with cadence throttling.

At the very beginning, you can actually limit down to one person a day, receiving emails through a given campaign.

If you are just starting out with a very brand new emailing domain, you can throttle the campaign down very, very low until you are confident that you are not receiving a high degree of bounces out of your campaign. So this was a very nice feature to have.

For Agencies? Not So Much

When I look Klenty from an agency standpoint, I was very disappointed. It turns out that the agency dashboard is merely only that — it is a dashboard.

What you are getting at the time of this entry are multiple individual accounts.

I was disappointed to learn that if I have a winning campaign that I’ve developed for one client, I cannot copy that over to any of my other clients in the agency.

Again, these are stand-alone accounts do not talk to one another.

I have an account for Client A, the only people who can share anything in that account are just the people in the business of Client A

I cannot copy and paste any winning campaigns from Client A over to Client B.

I literally then have to, uh, go through the manual process of reentering the entire multi-step campaign which is not a time-saving feature. So I found that to be very disappointing.

Also, the onboarding for the agency model was very harsh. I had to have multiple interactions with people on their sales team and in their technical team in order to get the sales as dashboards set up.

Even after seven days of trying, the dashboard still wasn’t set up correctly. Given that the instructions were pretty simple and that I do not have a very complex agency at this time, I was really disappointed to see just how long this took.

So those two strikes the onboarding and the inability to copy campaigns across from one client to the next were two strikes against Klenty.

It forced me to start looking elsewhere and ended up landing on a different tool. So you guys can read about that in the next article.